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Technical Focus Pty Ltd Privacy Policy

Technical Focus Pty Ltd (herein referred to as Technical Focus) has always taken into consideration the importance of protecting the privacy of all individuals who provide information to us in relation to their search for a new career opportunity.

Our ongoing employee programs encompass privacy policies and procedures.

To ensure our candidates and clients understand our commitment to their privacy, we have developed our Privacy Policy utilising materials supplied by the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner.


As part of our recruitment process, we gather information on candidates’ backgrounds, including personal information. Information on potentially suitable candidates will then be forwarded to the client with the candidate’s consent, for a specific position, which has become available.

In relation to the collection of information regarding references, we will not approach any referees without the prior specific permission of candidates.

Assignment specifications are developed in consultation with our clients for each position, and contain information such as company background, position description and person profile. Clients understand and are made aware that candidates read through parts of the Assignment Specification at interview and the final copy is edited by the client to ensure all information is correct.

Use and Disclosure

We will not reveal any personal information that candidates supply to us; neither will we pass this information on to any third party without the permission of the candidates.

We will only disclose personal information of candidates to clients for the primary purpose for which that information was collected, i.e. for consideration for a particular position for which the candidate has provided express permission.

Short-listed candidates are also verbally advised that their original resume will be passed onto the client (including all personal information, etc) along with a cover note from us, unless we are notified otherwise.

Every effort is made to ensure that our clients are aware of our policies regarding candidate privacy and they are advised not to reveal any personal information regarding these candidates to any third party without their permission. Permission should be sought via Technical Focus.

Candidates are advised that they have the right to obtain any or all of their personal information gathered by Technical Focus also have the right for all such personal information to be destroyed.

From time-to-time, Technical Focus is provided with e-mail addresses from candidates, clients and potential clients. Periodically, we may send out newsletters and promotional material via electronic mail, regarding the services provided by our organisation. However, any recipients can indicate that they do not wish to receive e-mailed information and they will be subsequently “unsubscribe” from this service.

Data Quality

All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that all information relating to clients and candidates is relevant and to the extent necessary, accurate, complete and up-to-date. Where it is made known to Technical Focus that any information is inaccurate, we will correct the information or request updated information as soon as reasonably possible.

Data Security

We take great care in ensuring that the information provided to us, both in hard or soft copy, on a confidential basis remains confidential and secure. Where requested by candidates, personal information will be destroyed via secure methods such as shredding or pulping.

Access and Correction

We respect candidates’ rights to review the information that we are going to pass onto clients in the form of candidate reports or resumes. However, we are entitled to charge candidates a reasonable fee for access to such information.

Individuals may request information in order to ensure that it is accurate, complete and up-to-date, in which case we will take reasonable steps to correct the information so that it is accurate, complete and up-to-date in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.


Personal information, including identification, is required by all candidates and clients of Technical Focus, due to the nature of our business.

Transborder Data Flows

Information is not regularly disclosed to individuals or organisations outside of Australia; however, permission from all parties will be obtained should this be required.

Sensitive Information

Technical Focus will not collect sensitive information unless you have consented to its collection, or the information is required by governing law.

Breach or Complaint

In the event that there is a breach of the Privacy Act, we would work closely with the Privacy Commission to understand any concerns and ensure that compliance issues are addressed as a matter of urgency.


This documented policy describes how Technical Focus treat personal information in their possession.

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