Interview Preparation

• Research the company e.g. what business is it in, what products and services do they provide, when were they established, recent new or media articles about them.
• Research the interviewers e.g. LinkedIn.
• Analyse the job description. You need to sell yourself against what the employer is looking for. What are the essential skills and experience (technical and interpersonal) are they seeking, and match those to your own work experience.
• If you obtained the interview via a recruitment consultancy, ask your consultant for further information about the job, company and interviewers.
• If you know someone who is currently doing a similar job or has done so in the past, speak to them.
• Speak to anyone you know who is a current or ex employee at the company to gain inside information.
• Think about different questions including competency based questions which may be asked during the interview and prepare and write down what answer you would provide to each.
• To the best of your ability, memorise the content of your resume.
• Think about 3 or 4 good questions to ask the interviewer.

By preparing and using your knowledge through research enables you to demonstrate the following:

• Genuine interest in the job and company.
• That you have invested time and effort in finding out about them.
• Conveys enthusiasm about working for the company.
• That you can do the job effectively.
• That you are well suited for the role.
• You will approach the interview with more confidence and credibility.
• That you are the best suited applicant for the position and company.

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