It is essential that you present yourself and your work history in the best possible light and the first impression will be your resume and covering letter. If you can’t get in front of the company then you can’t sell yourself so we have provided a few top tips to help:

Covering Letter

• Address the letter to a specific person – Do not put Dear Sir/Madam!
• Personalise it and gear it towards the company and role you are applying for.
• Make it punchy and get the message across without saying too much, they could be reading hundreds and will not read those which are too long.


• Above all make sure the grammar and spelling are correct and that the layout is neat and easy to read and understand.
• Keep the resume brief, no more than 2-4 pages.
• For sample resumes see Seek –you can create your own resume online and it’s free!
• Employment history should be in chronological order.
• Give as much relevant information about yourself as possible.
• It should be written to reflect the position that you apply for, use their job specification to help you add or trim down information in your resume to make it relevant – Make sure it is true or you will be found out!
• Any specific achievements you are proud of – A great way to sell yourself.
• Account for all your time – Ensure there are no gaps in your work history

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